IonDrive Technologies

Providing next-gen energy storage solutions for a sustainable future.

At Iondrive Technologies, our primary focus is the commercialisation of advanced battery recycling technologies developed in collaboration with the University of Adelaide.

Our exclusive access to these cutting-edge technologies positions us to significantly impact the growing energy storage industry. We are dedicated to bringing these innovations to market, whether through sub-licensing, selling to established battery manufacturers and suppliers, or direct participation as a supplier of critical battery materials.

Current Lithium Ion Battery (LIB) technology uses vast amounts of the Earth’s precious resources and is unsustainable.

LIBs will be prohibitively expensive based on current technology.

  • Exponentially Growing Costs
    Rare minerals needed for LIBs will increase by nearly 7 times by 2030 – quickly becoming unsustainable.
  • Prone to Explosion
    Current LIBs are volatile and can become unstable easily. We need a safer alternative.
  • Unsuitable for Large Application
    Due to the cost and volatility of LIBs, we need a better solution for large energy grid applications such as wind and solar farms.

Solutions developed by a community of world-class researchers.

Battery technology is always at risk of being outpaced by our need for reliable, safe, and powerful energy storage, especially with our mounting over reliance on lithium-ion cells. IonDrive Technologies is developing and producing industry scaled solutions that meet the energy storage needs we expect to see in the future.

With better batteries, more efficient components, and smarter recycling techniques, we are bringing theoretical research from the lab into scaleable solutions to meet the needs of tomorrow.

Iondrive will develop three projects that address the shortcomings of LIBs.

The next generation of batteries is critical to the world achieving carbon zero emission targets.

We need real-world battery solutions to store sufficient energy from renewable sources to move away from fossil fuels.

We are still in the first phase of the evolution of battery technology: destructive mining from the Earth to manufacture batteries and repeat. This is not sustainable.

With results outpacing the most promising projects, we’re bringing these energy storage technologies from the lab through to full industrial scale production.

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