Bringing the cutting edge of energy storage technology from research papers to industrial scale production.

We believe our projects are the most impactful solutions for the future of batteries and energy storage. We collaborate with experienced industry professionals to support the most acclaimed and celebrated researchers to bring the most promising concepts to fruition.

IonDrive Technologies collaborates with industry, government, and research foundations to empower our team of researchers, strategists, and forward thinking individuals to bring high-performing, environmentally-conscious, future ready products to market.

Advancement requires collaboration, diverse thinking, and bold ideas. At IonDrive, we believe in supporting the researchers, technicians, and brilliant minds working on the most important issues.

IonDrive partners with the University of Adelaide to bring the most promising future energy technologies from concept to scaled production.

The University of Adelaide, in addition to being ranked in the top 1% of universities in the world, has a large investment into the research and development of energy storage technologies.

Through this partnership, IonDrive Technologies will:

  • Contribute at least $2.5M over three years to the University of Adelaide into battery research and development.
  • Hold exclusive rights to license and acquire the intellectual property of three (3) priority battery projects, including relevant patents.
  • Hold first right of refusal on any future unencumbered battery technologies developed by the University of Adelaide.
  • Develop 16 new projects in the field of battery and energy storage to be announced over the next three years.

Prof. Shizhang Qiao

Laureate Professor

Professor Shizhang Qiao joined the School of Chemical Engineering of the University of Adelaide as a professor in the inaugural Chair of Nanotechnology, and is the founding Director of Centre for Materials in Energy and Catalysis (CMEC).

Prof. Zaiping Guo

Laureate Professor

Professor Zaiping Guo is an ARC Australian Laureate Fellow at School of Chemical Engineering & Advanced Materials, The University of Adelaide. She has won multiple awards for her work on rechargeable batteries amongst other fields.

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